Brooks Glycerin 21 - breit (2E)

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The Brooks Glycerin 21 is a neutral training shoe for basic training and offers more cushioning with less weight than its predecessor. Slip them on, feel good and start running. Thanks to the high level of comfort and the wide contact surface in the forefoot area, long endurance runs are the preferred training method. The pleasant cushioning ensures a solid glide over tarmac, field and forest paths. The varied rubber elements on the sole guarantee a good grip on all surfaces. The shoe is primarily suitable for heel runners who are looking for a carefree alternative for training and prefer a smooth and comfortable running experience.

+ Description

The Brooks Glycerin 21 is a premium running shoe designed to provide runners with the ultimate in comfort, cushioning and support. With its latest technology and innovative design, this shoe is ideal for runners looking for a luxurious and smooth running experience.

DNA LOFT cushioning technology in the midsole of the Glycerin 21 provides an exceptionally soft and cushioned landing with every step. The cushioning extends the entire length of the shoe, allowing for smooth shock absorption to protect your joints and reduce fatigue.

The upper of the Glycerin 21 is made of a soft and flexible mesh fabric that offers a comfortable fit and optimal breathability. The seamless construction reduces friction and irritation so you can focus on what matters: running.

The outsole of the shoe features a durable rubber compound that provides reliable traction and durability. You'll be able to move confidently on a variety of surfaces, whether it's on the road or light terrain.

The Brooks Glycerin 21 offers a generous fit and plenty of room for your toes, allowing your feet to expand naturally. This promotes healthy foot movement and helps you maintain your optimal running technique.

Whether you're a recreational runner or a serious marathoner, the Brooks Glycerin 21 is a versatile and reliable shoe that will take your running experience to the next level. Experience supreme comfort and optimal cushioning on your next runs with the Glycerin 21 from Brooks and look forward to a smooth and comfortable running experience.

+ Specifications

297 G
Activity type:
Foot type:
very much
Shoe Drop:
10 MM
Shoe Width:
Sebastian Hauf

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Glycerin 21 - breit (2E) Glycerin 21 - breit (2E)
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