Shipping is done by DHL. Delivery by express shipping is unfortunately not possible.

Deliveries outside Germany are made by DHL.

Delivery charges


4,95 € | Free shipping from 50 € with DHL



Non EU

14,95€ | Free delivery from 250 € purchase value


9,95 € | Free delivery from 150 € purchase value



4,95 € | Kostenloser Versand ab 50 € mit HERMES

2,95 € | Versand mit DHL+ 4,95 € bei Sendungen unter 50€

Non EU

14,95€ | Ab 250 € Einkaufswert versandkostenfreie Lieferung



9,95 € | Ab 150 € Einkaufswert versandkostenfreie Lieferung

Swiss customers who have the goods delivered to Germany (with VAT) and import the shipment to Switzerland can have the VAT refunded by shop4runners to a current account (IBAN and BIC) after sending the original invoice stamped by customs. Please send the invoice as original by mail. Sending by mail is not accepted. Possible customs costs are not included in the shipping costs and have to be paid by the customer. These usually amount to approx. 7% of the value of goods.

Deliveries to the Packstation are possible within Germany with DHL. You will need a Packstation customer number with DHL.


Returns for return shipments within Germany are free of charge for unused items within 30 days with a DHL return label. You can obtain the return label in our Returnsportal.

Returns from abroad or for returns outside Germany are always at the expense of the customer.

If the return is below the minimum order value for the delivery free of shipping costs, the shipping costs will be deducted from the refund amount.

This also applies in case of a return of the complete order.

Returning deliveries from Switzerland

Important: When returning, please make sure that the customs documents and invoice are clearly visible on the outside of the package so that customs can process the package.

Swiss customers must register their return with customs via the ATLAS portal HERE.

ATLAS and is the electronic procedure used in Germany for the processing of international goods traffic. Its purpose is to simplify and automate the customs process.
If you are a customer in Switzerland and want to send a return to Germany, you should follow these steps:
1. contact the retailer: inform the retailer in Germany about your intention to make a return. You can do this in our returns portal.

2. For the return, you will need to fill out the customs declaration at Atlas: Collect all relevant information about the return, including the exact description of the goods, their value and quantity, and shipping details.

3. declare the return electronically through the ATLAS system. Include all required information such as description of goods, value, quantity, customs tariff number. Determine the correct customs tariff number for the returned goods. You can either determine the customs tariff number yourself or ask the relevant customs office.

4. shipping the return: pack the goods carefully and label the package with the correct address of the retailer in Germany. Make sure you choose a shipping method that allows tracking so you can monitor the status of the return.

5. keep receipts: Keep all relevant receipts and proofs, such as the shipping receipt and customs forms, carefully. These can be useful in case of questions or problems with the customs process.

It is important to note that the ATLAS process can be complex and the exact requirements may vary depending on the type of goods and individual circumstances. It is recommended that you check with the relevant customs office or a customs service provider in advance for specific requirements and procedures to ensure that you complete the customs process correctly.