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Manfred Braunisch

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The RunPro convinces me on all levels. Be it in sports or in the private sector. So comfortable that you can hardly feel them and with really good support for your feet, they are definitely worth the purchase price. A high-quality product that is really close to an orthopedic insole, but is much more comfortable and accompanies you unobtrusively. Read the expert book by Manfred Braunisch-


The CURREX RunExpert® gives you as an ambitious runner your extra kick in the shoe. It offers you all the advantages of the RunPro®, but also has two built-in secret weapons for you: The Neuo-Gel-Dots in the heel improve your foot strike and the Fast-Gel-Dots under the big toe stimulate your big toe flexor so that you can push off even more powerfully with the "windlass effect". With these neuromuscular kicks, we really take your foot and running technique to the next level! INDIVIDUALLY ADAPTED Every foot and every movement is individual. We don't believe in a rigid insole that only fits the shape of your foot. That's why we developed the dynamic CURREX insole and used thousands of motion analyses to develop a system that allows us to classify each athlete into one of three profiles; to do this, we focus on the shape of the foot as well as the leg axis.

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RunExpert Low Einlegesohle RunExpert Low Einlegesohle
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