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When you put on your cycling shoe with your first BikePro®, your shoe finally fits like a glove. Your foot now lies completely on the sole and receives perfect support during the entire pedaling motion. When you then really slam the shoe on before the sprint or on the hill, you feel the full potential of the BikePro®: Due to the pressure redistribution under the sole of the foot, you have full power development on the pedal and more power when pulling due to the optimal fit. In addition, we improve your blood circulation and thus solve the widespread problem of numb toes and aching soles. A luxury you won't want to do without after your first ride! to make your foot feel good at all times To make sure your foot feels good at all times during long rides, the shape of the CURREX BikePro® is based on the shape of your foot. Your heel is embedded in the cycling shoe, your arch is supported and the sole of your foot with 70,000 nerve endings rests completely on the CURREX BikePro®. UNPRECEDENTED STABILITY AT THE RIGHT TIME The black midfoot bridge is the heart of the CURREX BikePro. The forces are optimally distributed under the sole of the foot and your muscles are stimulated with every step. Thus, your foot is activated during the entire cycling and the blood circulation is stimulated. FULL POWER BACK ON THE PEDAL Your forefoot sets the pace and transfers your movement to the pedal. That's why the forefoot area of the CURREX BikePro® features the specially developed Poron Pad. So it's time for a new best time. INDIVIDUALLY ADAPTED Every foot and every movement is individual. We don't believe in a rigid insole that only fits the shape of your foot. That's why we developed the dynamic CURREX insole and used thousands of motion analyses to develop a system that allows us to classify each athlete into one of three profiles; to do this, we focus on the shape of the foot as well as the leg axis.

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BikePro Low Einlegesohle BikePro Low Einlegesohle
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