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Sports Back Support strengthens the middle of the body during longer sports sessions by providing soothing compression and thus protects the back from overstraining. The support comfortably encloses the torso and straightens slightly. During movement, it massages the tissue over a large area. A special functional element is incorporated in the back part, an anatomically shaped pad with nubs, which enhances the massage effect. The nubs gyrate minimally during movement and have a targeted effect on trigger points. The stimulating massage positively influences the sensorimotor system: the stabilizing trunk muscles are activated, muscle control is harmonized and posture is improved accordingly. This effectively counteracts tension and incorrect movements that can trigger injuries. Overuse pain subsides more quickly, preventing damaging relieving postures. The knitted fabric of the Sports Back Support resembles a fine net of airy meshes and is made of breathable, durable material. This makes the support particularly light, comfortable to wear and practical during sports. Its anatomical fit with flat abdominal closure ensures a secure fit with maximum freedom of movement. Material composition: 33% thermoplastic elastomer, 28.08% polyamide, 19.41% thermoplastic polyurethane, 7.4% polyurethane, 6.45% elastane, 2.99% polyethylene, 1.35% cotton, 1% polyethylene terephthalate, 0.31% polyester.

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