At On we believe that incredible things happen when people move. To be in motion is to access subconscious inspiration. It's called the flow state: a state in which reality and thoughts merge in such a way that we can fully concentrate on the moment. A “consciousness hack” that lets us dream bigger and better.



The On Mission: Movement inspires the mind.

A more sustainable future

"We believe that technological innovation leads to progress. By experimenting better. From the early models of garden hoses glued to the sole, to our vision for a better future with sustainable materials and circular systems." -On

Bestseller Cloudvista Waterproof

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trail runner: the Cloudvista Waterproof is your shoe. With CloudTec®, a closed sole, Speedboard® for a better rolling feeling and more comfort with Helion™ superfoam in the midsole, it is perfect for gentle tours on moderate terrain.