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LIQUID ENERGY PLUS from SPONSER® provides you with highly concentrated, fast energy in liquid form from the tube. Thanks to the different carbohydrate sources, the energy is not only quickly available, but also lasts longer. Functional ingredients, a practically dosable intake and optimal tolerance round off the carbohydrate gel and promote your top performance! Special ingredients LIQUID ENERGY PLUS is a carbohydrate concentrate and contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium as well as activating caffeine (neutral version additionally taurine and inositol). From a dosage of 1.5 tubes (75 mg caffeine) caffeine promotes concentration and attention. The added isomaltulose is metabolized just like sugar, but this process takes place much more slowly. As a result, the glycemic effect is much lower and the blood sugar level remains more stable. Glucose and energy are therefore available to the body for longer. Application LIQUID ENERGY PLUS is suitable for endurance athletes who depend on a constant, well-tolerated carbohydrate energy supply. The practical, resealable gel is also ideal for fast energy supply during breaks and game interruptions in various sports. Lactose-free and without preservatives.

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Liquid Energy Plus - Cola-Lemon (70g) Liquid Energy Plus - Cola-Lemon (70g)
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