"Since the very first day, we have pursued a very specific goal when producing our food - for people and the planet. That's why sustainable and plant-based ingredients are an absolute priority for us when it comes to creating food for every day." - Clif

CLIF BAR is the No.1 energy bar from North America. CLIF BARs are made from natural and healthy oatmeal-based ingredients, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains phosphorus, which the body needs for energy production. CLIF BAR also consists of protein and fiber.



Diese leckere Energieriegel sind reich an Ballaststoffen und mit mind. 10g Protein die perfekte Nahrungsergänzung für dein Workout oder andere sportliche Abenteuer.

Nut Butter Bar


Filled bars filled with energy-rich Nut Butter in different flavors!

  • Ideal for sports and in between
  • Contains vegetable proteins
  • Free from trans fats, preservatives and corn syrup

BLOKS Energy Chews


If an energy kick can also have a salty note for you, then these refreshing CLIF BLOKS are the right choice for you.

The CLIF Bloks are the perfect alternative to energy gel. Due to their solid shape, they are easy to dose and provide a steady supply of calories and electrolytes. One pack contains 6 bloks of 10g each. A serving of 3 bloks contains at least 70mg sodium and 20mg potassium. Ideal for athletes and active people who like things practical. The CLIF Bloks are free of animal products and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Vorratspackungen, Minis & Probierpakete


The supply packs are perfect for people who enjoy Clif Bar products regularly. By purchasing supply packs you can not only save money, but also always have a supply on hand for a quick energy boost!

Clif Bar Minis offer you a quick energy boost for in-between meals when you're not that hungry.

Sample packages contain the most popular varieties, so you can try them out and choose your favorite.