About Brooks


"Running is more than just a hobby – it's our passion. We eat, breathe and stretch for running. And we find that running brings us closer together as a group than any team building training can. On the road of life it is better to travel as a group." - Brooks



Brooks Glycerin 21


The new Brooks Glycerin 21 is a high-quality running shoe designed to provide runners with the highest levels of comfort, cushioning and support. With its latest technology and innovative design, this shoe is ideal for runners who strive for a luxurious and smooth run.


Brooks Ghost 15


Our best-selling running shoe has a proven fit and the characteristic pleasant running comfort and soft cushioning make it a favorite of all runners. The Ghost 15 is ready to take you from run to flight.


Brooks Hyperion Max


Do you want to maximize your potential for the next competition? Train in the Hyperion Max. With quick transitions from heel to toe and lots of ultra-light cushioning in this reactive shoe, shocks are better absorbed and you'll be ready for your next training faster.


Brooks Levitate 6

More energy is always good when running. Reach your running goals with the new Levitate 6 road running shoe. DNA AMP v2 foam provides our best energy return with less weight and the breathable upper ensures a snug fit.



Yes you should Run Happy Today!


Every day is a good reason to go running and every run can improve a day, a life or even the world. Brooks has been successfully producing running shoes for many years, exactly according to their vision.

Although the brand has been around for over 100 years and has produced Brooks ballet and roller skates in the past, the company decided to focus on running shoes in 2001 - and with complete success.

Brooks has been at the forefront of innovation, technology and offerings for many years and is constantly developing its products to make runners of all kinds happy - true to the motto: Run Happy!