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ANIMAL COMPRESSION SOCKS FOR MEN: COMPRESSION IN A MOTIVATING DESIGN With the Animal Compression Socks for men you run away full of energy! With their tiger design, they are real eye-catchers on the outside and support you with modern technology during peak performance. While the activating compression effect inspires you, you enjoy a unique fit and perfect support. This means you can keep your head clear during training and competition and concentrate fully on what counts: delivering your best performance. Faster, further, lighter - thanks to innovative medi compression Whether it's short sprints or long distances: with the help of innovative medi compression, your legs stay fresher, perform better and regenerate in less time. The secret lies in the increased blood circulation and thus the better supply of nutrients. In addition, degradation products such as lactate are removed from the muscles more quickly. The result: improved performance and lighter legs. Putting an end to blisters and involuntary training breaks Every runner dreads them: training breaks due to blisters. The compression socks for men from CEP Sportswear now significantly reduce this risk. How? Through their perfect fit, which results from the close fit and the high-quality material mix. They sit non-slip like a second skin. That means less friction - and that in turn means a reduced risk of blisters. Less muscle vibration for more strength and endurance Shaky calves cost you an ounce of energy with every step. Energy you need for the final sprint, for example. The Animal Compression Socks for men dampen energy-draining muscle vibrations and increase your efficiency. In the end, this may make the difference between a "good" time and a new best performance. Enjoy the uncompromising performance of the Animal Compression Socks for men and order them now from the CEP Sportswear online shop!

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